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The VIP Package gives you access to all our content for one year. Detailed videos on each of your core job search topics (Value of $594 USD). Each video series is supported by an E Book that is between 60 to over 100 pages per course and includes a total of over 500 pages of E Books. If you are in a rush, the VIP Package gives you access to the webinar series (Value of $199 USD) which will offer you a punchy 1 hour to 1.5 hours per topic packed full of tips and tricks to give you an edge and get you ready fast!

In addition to all of that, all our VIP customers get 1-year VIP Zoom Room Access to Shane Phillips*. This is a live virtual room where job seekers all over the world meet to discuss their challenges and get live real-time advice from Shane. This package is one of the biggest competitive edges you can give yourself, second only to our Royal Package. The total value of everything in this package is $793 USD but buy it as a package and enjoy a massive discount. Join us and become a member of our VIP family. It is time to Own Your Career.

*These one-hour sessions are delivered live with Shane Phillips by video conference on Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or similar video conferencing platform.




  1. Set your direction & focus in life
  2. Find your energy
  3. Get an interview with your dream company
  1. Optimize your CV & online presence
  2. Interview for success
  3. Negotiate your salary

Please enroll the course to access this section!

Please enroll the course to access this section!
Please enroll the course to access this section!

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  • 94 Topics

Ratings and Reviews

Avg. Rating
7 Ratings
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Charles Aybar
Posted 1 year ago
Very Strategic and Concise

Well thought out, and intellectual in approach. If you plan to be a C level or inspiring, a must read and assignment.

Posted 2 years ago
Great Course

Well done.

Posted 2 years ago
Very useful course to get a quick overview

Excellent content and follow-up sessions very useful

Posted 2 years ago
Great Methodology, Excellent Insights.

Shane Phillips skillfully uncovers a very practical collection of useful insights, shares proven tips and tools. Great value. Top advice. Shane is full of contagious positive energy.

Carlos Perez
Posted 2 years ago
It 's helping me to compose myself

I'm just finishing Focus and Vision and it has been a great help to unify, first my ideas about my personality and second my career. I was skeptical about the leadership at the beginning until I watched Shane´s Youtube inspirational series which really impressed me. ::)

Craig Marek
Posted 3 years ago
Invaluable and Focused

Age old technique combined with modern strategy. A life long career resource for the candidate, professional and employer.

Meraj Ahmed Khan
Posted 3 years ago
Very Practical

Incredibly useful techniques specially on salary negotiations . Thank you Shane !

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!